Apr 29, 2006
True Friends

So, I think she's a good friend. She'll driink with me and match me shot for shot. She'll give me a ride to work when my pile of junk Jeep breaks down. She'll dance on the bar with me and not let me fall. She will help me upstairs to my apartment when I'm so drunk I can barely walk.  She'll listen to my latest hook-up stories and not criticize me.  She laughs at my stupid jokes, even when the're not funny.  The llist can go on and on.  The thing about it though is that I can't telll her my secrets.  We work together and play together, so everytime I go to work I find more gossip about myself waiting on me.  I don't understand why she can't keep my secrets to herself. She has to go tell everyone what she knows about me.  When she tells me secrets, I do not repeat them.  Is she just an uncontrollable gossip or a bad friend?  I can't quite figure it out.

Posted at 06:28 am by redhot
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